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Do you want to create social impact but feel there must be a better way?

There is.

So many problems the world faces go largely unadressed because social entrepreneurs are unaware that they hold the power to design a better organization for creating more effective social impact.

Not anymore.

Whether you're a doctor, a pastor, a student, or anywhere in between, Design Before You Design will empower you to design an organization that allows you to create social change you're passionate about. Don't be stuck with an outdated framework when you can be a social impact pioneer and lead the way to greater effectiveness in meeting the world's biggest needs.

It's time to design.


What People Are Saying

Jacob DeNeui outlines strategies to reframe your organizational structure based on what makes sense for your mission, not what other businesses have done. I’m no design specialist, but the way the author uses graphics to illustrate his words makes me confident I can put his wisdom to use.
— Rhett Power, Forbes Magazine
This book provides some innovative insight on designing organizations. It made me think about my own freelance business and ways to make sure I continue to succeed. Highly recommend.
— Alora Boerner, Alora Copy Editing
Highly recommend this book to anyone setting out to make this world a better place... whether you dream of impacting your neighborhood or countries on the other side of the world. His breakdown of the difference between a need and problem were eye-opening.
— Amazon Customer
The author uses relatable examples to help support his ideas for social entrepreneurship as well as make the reader rethink their approach to problems faced in life. Successful businesses which benefit society are possible and the book shows you how. Check this book out as it may just help overcome an obstacle currently present in your life, job, or start up of your company.
— Amazon Customer
In this book, Jacob reminds and drives home the point that the need for innovation is not an optional thing but a necessity in this constantly changing world. DeNeui helps to show how design can play a vital role in organization innovation. If you’re an entrepreneur with great ideas, buy this book and read it!
— Amazon Customer

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