My name is Jacob DeNeui.


I’m an architect, designer, and author who likes to use his ideas to help others live missional, quality, and adventurous lives. Click the link below if you want to buy my Amazon #1 Best-Seller book Design Before You Design.

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In my book Design Before You Design, I show how you can create greater social impact by applying the power of design to your organization.

Jacob DeNeui outlines strategies to reframe your organizational structure based on what makes sense for your mission, not what other businesses have done. I’m no design specialist, but the way the author uses graphics to illustrate his words makes me confident I can put his wisdom to use.
— Rhett Power, Forbes Magazine
This book provides some innovative insight on designing organizations. It made me think about my own freelance business and ways to make sure I continue to succeed. Highly recommend.
— Alora Boerner, Alora Copy Editing
So often entrepreneurs can have great plans but poor execution - DeNeui helps to show how design can play a vital role in organization innovation.
If you’re an entrepreneur with great ideas, buy this book and read it!
— Houston Abbott

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I create design that celebrates human dignity and rejects apathy. My work includes architecture, graphic design, 3D printing, photography, and watercolor. Click the link below to see my Portfolio!




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